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Dress Code

Every sport has its own recognised and identifiable mode of dress to be worn by participating players.

It is generally accepted that golfers would wear golf shoes with socks, skirts, slacks, or tailored shorts, a top with a collar and or, a sweater. Golf caps, rain gear and hats are also a recognised part of the golfers attire.

All members of (elbridge Elm Hall Golf Club and visitors to the Course are required to abide by this simple Dress Code.

Access to the Course can be denied to persons who do not comply with the Code.

  1. Neat dress on the Golf Course is required at all times.
  2. Only tailored shorts are allowed on the Course.
  3. Socks must be worn with shorts.

The following are considered unsuitable for wear on the Course.

  • Tops without collars or with collar tucked in.
  • Tops without sleeves.
  • Football or tracksuit tops.
  • Multicoloured or patterned shorts.
  • Sports or swimming shorts.
  • Trousers tucked into socks.

We at Celbridge Elm Hall Golf Club are justifiably proud of our greens. One of the contributing factors to the excellent putting surface has been the wearing of soh spikes golf shoes.

It is obligatory for all players to wear soft spikes on the course

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