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Course Rules


SAFETY & COURTESY ON THE COURSE Members shall, at all times, make way for the Captain on the first tee.

Please switch off mobile phones when on the course.

Your place on the course is one shot behind the match in front of you and not one shot in front of the match behind.

If your match loses a full hole to the match in front (i.e. play has finished on the next hole by the time your match reaches the tee) and players in the match behind you have been delayed while
waiting for your match to move on, you are obliged to call the following match through.

If there is a doubt about finding your original ball you should play a provisional ball. The decision is yours – not your opponent’s or fellow competitor.

Players searching for a ball should signal the players behind them to pass as soon as it becomes apparent that the ball will not easily be found. Do not wait to search for five minutes before
doing so. They should not continue play until the players following them have passed and are out of range. When the play of a hole has been completed, players should immediately leave the putting green. Cards should be marked on the next tee box and not on the green.

If you have the honour you should play before you mark your card. It is the function of the Course Ranger to advise players who are contributing to delays on the course. If approached by the
course ranger please comply immediately with his instructions.


  • In the absence of special rules, two-ball matches should have precedence over and can be enti tled to pass any three or fourball match.
  • A sing le player has no standing and should give way to a match of any kind.
  • Any match playing a whole round is entitled to pass a match playing a shorter round.
  • Members are reminded that the above rules apply not only in competitions but also in friendly matches.

Most of the damage caused to the course during play can quite easily be repaired by players.

Tee Boxes

  • On no account may trolleys be brought on to the tee boxes.
  • You are required to replace your divots on tee boxes.
  • If you must take a practice swing on the tee box, just take the one.
  • The blue tees are reserved for medal and other prestigious competitions. No practice allowed.

On the greens

  • Always search for your pitch mark and repair it with at least one other.
  • Avoid dragging your feet on the putting surface
  • Lay rather than throw or drop the pin on the green and replace it carefu lly in the cup after completing the hole.
  • Never lean on your putter while retrieving your ball.
  • Never take a trolley or bag on to the green
  • Chipping and pitching on to practice green is forbidden.
  • Practice chipping and pitching to greens on the course is forbidden.

Practice on the Course
No player may play more than two balls while practising on the course. Practising chipping onto greens on the course is forbidden.

On the Fairways

  • Always carefully replace your divots.
  • Obey all signs and instructions regarding G.U.R., etc.
  • F::>llow the pathways provided and avoid stepping over or under ropes erected to protect vulnerable areas.
  • Replace any red or yellow marker posts, which you remove to facilitate your swing, to their original position. (White marker posts may not be moved in any circumstances – penalty of two strokes I or loss of hole in match play).


  • Rake over all areas of the bunker which have been disturbed.
  • Replace rakes in the bunker after use.


  • Local Notices regulating the movement of trolleys

Rules Governing Competitions

    1. The term “Committee” refers to the committee in charge of the competition.
    2. The Committee shall lay down the conditions under which a competition is to be played. The committee has no power to waive a rule of golf (Rule 33-1)
    3. The Committee shall interpret the conditions it lays down for competitions and decide on any query arising out of them.

Competition Entry

    1. The method of entry to all singles competition is by computer or competition book provided. Entry to other forms of competitions is by entry in the competitions book provided. Competitors must supply all details requested in the competition book • failure to do so will lead to disqualification.
    2. The procedure for entering all club competitions is as follows:
      1. Book tee time in advance
      2. Arrive at clubhouse at least 15 minutes before tee time. Be on first tee 5 m inues early
      3. Sign on computer or competition book and enter all required information.
      4. Insert relevant fee in official envelope provided and complete all information in block capitals.
      5. Place envelope in box supplied.


    1. All Cards must be fully completed.
      1. Competitors name in block capitals
      2. Computer Number
      3. Date
      4. Handicap
      5. Score to be totalled including $/Ford
      6. Markers and players signature.
    2. Any changes to card must be initialled.
    3. All cards to be returned to box before close of competition.
    4. Members who put their name on the time sheet and subsequently fail to turn up without giving at least 24 hours notice will be subject to disciplinary action.
    5. See Rule 6-6 rescoring in stroke play.
    6. Score cards should be completed and signed before entering the bar or restaurant area.
    7. Players must check in and be ready to tee off 5 minutes before appointed time in order to guarantee entry to competition.
    8. See Rule 6-3 re time of starting and groups.
    9. Rule 6-1 “The player is responsible for knowing the conditions under which the competition is to be played:”
    10. Those participating in official club competitions have precedence at all times. Competitions on the fixture list have precedence over club match play competitions.
    11. In singles competitions, members are asked to play in three balls unless otherwise stipulated.
    12. No Fourballs in Singles Competitions.
    13. The Committee reserves the right to re-schedule, alter times and/or pairings on any Time Sheet.
    14. Mixed Foursomes -Men and Ladies’-must have official club handicaps. Men must drive from the first tee in match play.
    15. Semi-Open Fourballs – Pairs must include one club member. Both must have official club handicaps.
    16. Break of tie for 18 Hole Competitions: Last 9, Last 6, Last 3, Last 2, Last 1, 1st 9, Last 3, Last 6, Last 7, Last 8.1f still tied, then by Lot.

Golfer of the Year

    1. Men’s Golfer of the Year title will be awarded on basis of cumulative points awarded for results in Singles Matchplay, Medal Competitions, Captain’s Prize, Vice-Captain’s Prize and President’s Prize and Ladies’ Golfer of the Year ti~le will be awarded on basis of cumulative points awarded for results in medal competitions, the Louise D’Arcy trophy, captain’s prize, vice captain’s prize and president’s prize. Junior Golfer of the year title will be awarded on the basis of cumulative points from Junior competitions. All relevant mens, ladies and junior golfer of the year com petitions are marked GOY in this diary.

Captain’s Prize

    1. Only Ordinary members who have competed in three or more 18 hole club singles competitions in the current season are eligible to win either the Captain’s or the President’s Prize .
    2. Any alteration to the Rules Governing Competitions will be posted on the Club Notice Board.

Lady Captain’s Prize and President’s Prize

    1. Only members who have competed in at least three or more 18 hole club singles competitions in the cur!ent season are eligible to win the captain’s prize or president’s prize.

Matchplay Competitions Note: No extensions to deadline for the completion of matches will be given. Time Sheet Etiquette

  1. A time sheet will be in operation for all competitions. Prior to playing, competitors’ names must be on the time sheet.
  2. Specific tee times are reserved for competitions on the time sheet and only players playing in the competition may enter their names in those spaces,
  3. If any member entered in your group fai ls to turn up, please notify the competition committee.
  4. In Club singles competitions under no circumstances may competitors enter their names +1,+2 or +3 on the time sheet. Full names are required for administration purposes. Where this occurs, the + numbers will be deleted and the time slo ts made available to other members.
  5. NOTE: Entry to Competitions is by Time Sheet only. All Club Matchplay matches MUST be played at times which DO NOT conflict with Competitions requiring Time Sheet entry. All Matchplay matches are played off Green Markers. See Notice Board/Time sheets for Competition Conditions, e.g.
    1. Tee Markers
    2. Stroke’s, Stableford, V.Par
    3. Competition Fee
    4. Holes in Play

Safety Statement It is the policy of the club that the safety of all members and others is of paramount importance in the conduct of our activities. Therefore, in order to address the hazards associated with golf balls in flight, the swinging of golf club, and to minimise the risk of injury from these hazards, the following safety rules are to be observed. All players, prior to playing any stroke or making any practice swing, should ensure that no person is standing close by or in any position to be hit by the club, the ball or any stones, pebbles, sand, twigs or the like which may be moved by the stroke or swing. Accompanying players, caddies or spectators must not position themselves in front of, directly behind or close by a player who is about to play a stroke. Players must wait until players immediately ahead of them are out of range before they address or strike the ball. In the event that a ball goes astray and not in the direction intended, then the person who played the ball must immediately shout “fore” to alert others in the vicinity to that fact that a stray ball is in flight. A player who hits a ball onto another fairway must be alert to the fact that others may already be playing on that fairway, and must wait until they have passed before he/she moves on to that fairway to play his/her next stroke. Within the clubhouse, the carpark, the course and all other areas, members must observe all notices and instructions issued by the management or committee in respect of safety and conduct. Members who have concerns about any safety issue should address these to the course owner, his staff or any member of the committee.

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