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Signing in before playing


Seamus has asked me to contact all members to remind them of the VITAL IMPORTANCE  of SIGNING THE BOOK in the clubhouse before entering the course even if only going out to play a few holes.

A number of problems can and have arisen where members have forgotten to do so
1. With the influx, happily, of so many new members, Catherine / Ber may not
     recognise people going down to the first tee and it can lead, and has led to
     confusion and  embarrassment on both sides if they approach somebody on the
     first tee to check.
2. If you sign in and include the time you are going out it is much easier to verify
    that you are still out on the course and you can be found much quicker in the event
   of an emergency or an urgent call being received for you.
3. There have already been instances of green-fees, on seeing members going
      directly onto the course, feeling that they can do the same and avoid payment.
Please, from now on, once the clubhouse is open make sure that you sign the book/s.
John J

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