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The Club

Built in 1997 Celbridge Elm Hall G.C. , both the course and the membership has matured dramatically over the years from then till now. We take pride that , as a club ,we don’t take ourselves too seriously, so the friendships , fun and banter both in the Clubhouse and on the course that is so much a part of the experience of being a member of Celbridge Elm Hall G.C. continues to this day.

Over the years we have built up a vibrant social side and that can consist of anything from Quiz nights in the Clubhouse to annual Golf weeks away to some of the finest courses in Spain and Portugal , to our annual charity day , Prize presentation nights , etc.

That’s not to say we don’t take our golf seriously , what with midweek and weekend competitions all year round , interclub matches , singles , doubles ,mixed matchplay events , we play a lot of golf.

Or maybe you just enjoy a nice gentle 9 holes every now and then and if so you will be made most welcome as a valued member , because we might have a nice clubhouse and a great golf course but our most valuable asset has always and will always be, our members.


Celbridge Elm Hall 



Captains Prize
Pres. Prize
V.Capt Prize
1998 M. Uzell S. Lawless M.Doyle J.Burke
1999 T. McDonagh S. Lawless A. Clarke T.McDonagh
2000 E. McCaul S. Lawless R.Grendon B.Sweeney
2001 Dav. Ball S. Lawless J.Hayes M.Russell
2002 T. Leech S. Lawless Dav.Ball F.Roebuck
2003 A. McCartney S. Lawless B.Mahon T.Flanagan
2004 N. O’Hara S. Lawless H.O’Donnell G.Condron
2005 S. Mac Namara S. Lawless C.Keogh F.O’Hanlon D.Kelly
2006 G. Fogarty S. Lawless R Warren P.Keane C.Keogh
2007 T. O’Brian S. Lawless D.O’Toole J.Gallen T.Flanagan
2008 P. O’Connell M. Uzell J.Langan J.Reid Der.Ball
2009 B. Moore M. Uzell Dav.Ball C.Grimes  J.O’Brien
2010 A. Mulligan Dav. Ball K.O’Sullivan D.Betson S.Devaney
2011 J. Hayes Dav. Ball Der.Ball M.McCabe K.Morrin
2012 B. Birchall S. Byrne B.Hickey J.Langan B.Birchall
2013 C. Grimes G. Colgan J.Langan J.Langan S.Devaney
2014 G. Condron G. Colgan D.Sheehy L.Cotter J.P. O’Connor
2015 J. J. O’Connor S. McNamara T.McCormack D.Sheehy B.Birchall
G. O. T. Y.
R. Warren 
1999 D.Hutton
2000 Dav.Ball Dav.Ball
2001 M.Russell
2002 F.Roebuck P.Duignam
2003 T.Sweeney N.Noonan
2004 G.Devoy F.Kiernan
2005 N.O’Hara F.O’Hanlon
2006 P.Birchall J.J.O’Connor P.Keane
2007 J.Hayes G.Fogarty J.O’Brien
2008 G.Hughes T.Maher C.O’Sullivan
2009 G.Fogarty B.Moore J.Gallen
2010 S.Devaney K.Sullivan M.Russell
2011 Dav.Ball J.Langan Der.Ball
2012 K.Dunne J.Langan B.Hickey
2013 J.Larkin Dav.Ball L.Cotter
2014 Der.Ball Der.Ball M.Russell Gerry Fogarty
2015 B.Moore  T.McCormack J.Corrigan T. McCormack