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Be Careful Out there

Dear Member,

To avoid any problems out on the course the committee would encourage every member to be vigilant and careful towards other players. This is particularly important if out practicing on your own. Without the extra eyes of your playing partners to help it is vital to be extra aware of others on the course. If entering spinneys, hazards or other blind areas please make sure to leave your bag/trolley where it can easily be seen by others.

Golf balls can behave in strange ways during flight so if there is any possibility of endangering others always shout Fore. Never assume that it is near but not going to hit anything. If in any doubt – SHOUT.

It is especially important to be aware of the staff working on the course. Machinery they are operating may prevent them hearing any warning shout, so it is vital that nobody plays near or in their direction before ensuring that they are aware of the impending shot and have a chance to protect themselves.

Also in the interest of speeding up play we would ask that all members familiarize themselves with any local rules in operation particularly in regard to when, where and how much relief is allowed from various spinneys, fenced areas and other obstructions. Copies of course rules are available from the committee. It is a well-worn adage but nevertheless important that we remember that on the course we must strive to be behind the players in front rather than in front of the players behind.

Hoping we all have a great Summer of golf ahead.

John J.

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